Policies for students

You can find all of our school related policies below. These policies are also found in our parent handbook available here or from our front office. All of the following policies are included in the enrolment process. Once your student is enrolled, it is expected all forms will have already have been signed.

Our good standing policy can be found here
The student mobile phones in public schools policy is a Department of Education enforced policy which schools are required to implement. The policy can be found here.
Our uniform policy as well a pricing can be found on our website here.
We require family/carer permission to publish any photos of students or their work. This includes having their school photos taken. This is included in the students online in public schools policy which can be found here. To provide permission, please download and sign the below form and return it to the front office.
Appendix F – Permission to publish students images and work for school purposes
The ICT Acceptable Use Policy is a school created policy in which must be signed by all parties before a student may use any ICT resources. 
Yule Brook College – ICT acceptable use policy
To use a Department of Education online services account the following permission form must be signed.
Appendix B – Permission for student to have an online service account
To use online services through the Department of Education the following agreement must be signed.
Appendix E – Online services acceptable use agreement (Years 7-12)
Upon enrolment an SMS message will be sent to families with an up to date list of online services that the school is using. We require parental consent for students to use these services. There will also be periodical updates sent out for new services through our Compass parent portal.
Third Party Services Consent information

Our Teaching, assessment and reporting policy can be found here.

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