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From the admin team - Principal's News

Welcome to our first newsletter for term 2; we are already well into a busy time of the school year, with NAPLAN tests completed, many of our senior students out on internships one day a week, and interesting work happening in and out of classes across the school. 

Our annual school report for 2016 has been completed and presented to staff and the school board for endorsement. It will shortly be available from the Schools Online website or the school office. This report is part of our cycle of Review > Reflect > Act, as we measure our progress against attendance, achievement and engagement targets in order to continually improve.

It is very pleasing to see a steady rise in our attendance rates across the school, as we get closer to our long term goal of every student having an attendance rate above 90%, and every absence from school being explained. Our Advisory teachers are working hard to help students achieve this, with individual attendance targets in every learning plan. Parents and carers can help us with this also by contacting the school when your child is absent to provide a reason or responding to the text messages that are sent.

An important part of our review is to listen to the voices of parents, students and staff through our annual surveys, and I sincerely thank everyone who was able to respond to these. Recent surveys endorse the value of the Big Picture design in our school and show very strong support for the Advisory class structure and the value of student exhibitions. The surveys also highlighted the impact that the behaviour of a small number of students can have on others, including the effect on learning in classrooms and feeling of safety in the school, and we continue to work on improvement in these areas through our positive behaviours plan.

Teachers and school leaders at Yule Brook are learners too, an important element of the Big Picture design, and earlier this term our team leaders Mrs Michelle Reeves and Mr Steve Meredith spent two weeks in California visiting other Big Picture schools to learn from them, and have already been sharing with staff and students their ideas to improve aspects of what we do. The trip also confirmed for the school that we are doing amazing work at Yule Brook!

Year 10 students are starting to plan for Year 11 in 2018 with help from Mr Honda, Mr Petersohn and staff from Sevenoaks Senior College. I encourage parents to be as involved as you can in this process and talk to your child about their plans which may include continuing with Big Picture through Sevenoaks. Details of a parent information night to be held in August will be available in the next newsletter.

Term 2 is the start of our enrolment processes for Year 7 students for 2018, and we will shortly commence our visits to surrounding primary schools with enrolment information. If you have a child in a primary school outside our local area who will be coming here in 2018, please contact our front office for an enrolment pack and information about school tours during this term. We are aiming to have Year 7 enrolments in by the start of Term 3, as this enables us to provide the best possible transition for children from Year 6 to 7 over two terms.

Mrs Hilary Saunders



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