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Next time I write an article for our TGIF I hope to share with you some highlights of my upcoming trip to Tasmania next week. I look forward to catching up with everyone when I get back! Filipino independence day is held on Friday 2 June this year and we will be sampling food from the Philippines as well as learning about the history of their independence along with some traditional games and music.

Thank you to student councillor Christian who is the main organiser – it’s great to acknowledge our multicultural backgrounds, and we have 27 students from the Philippines among our current students as well as several staff across the school.

Week 6 is National reconciliation week, ‘Let’s take the next steps’ and Advisories will be doing activities leading up to NAIDOC week 2017:Our languages matter. Along with established favourites such as roo stew, damper and jonny cakes we are hoping to have some music workshops and learn some Noongar songs.

Our AIEOs Buffie and Tammy will again work with groups of students to continue painting the male wagyl and restore (and put under shelter) the female wagyl.

We will be holding some meetings over this term and next and providing afternoon tea for all interested parents and other family members to join our reconciliation action plan (RAP) meetings and contribute to the review of our Aboriginal community agreement as part of this process.

The school term will end with a bang as Period 6 is a disco/ dance.

We look forward to family participation at all of the above events!

The Smith family will once again be running the learning club after school on Wednesdays next semester and application forms are available from the front office.

ECU has been commissioned to conduct a survey on how Foodbank food and resources are used in schools. We will be seeking permission to interview a group of students on the food and activities related to food that we supply on both a daily and occasional basis. These are completely anonymous.

Finally, a reminder to parents that if you wish to be able to monitor and control your child’s use of the internet and social media there are programs around that can help you to set guidelines and parametrs for them, such as Familyzone: https://www.familyzone.com/au/freetrial

Stay warm and keep well. See you all at the end of the month when it will undoubtedly be even colder (although not as cold as Hobart, we are hoping my friend’s eight year old will get to see snow while we are there!).



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