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Student Services News - March 2018

Welcome back to a new year! I would like to welcome all students, staff and volunteers as well as our new chaplain, Heather Ham, who is going to run bushranger cadets and assist me with the student council this year, Mr Chesterfield returning to us from four years in Fitzroy Valley and two newbies Mr Mean, Advisory teacher and Mrs Scata, our manager corporate services. Welcome to you and a big welcome to Wanda Bryant, our canteen manager, who has taken on the challenge of her own business to provide us with food. Please support her great products and prices (today I had an amazing fresh roast lamb and gravy roll and the chicken, cheese and salad sandwiches are huge!) and please remember to dispose of your litter thoughtfully. I’ve included a menu and a few photos from our canteen – it is so good to have food on tap (and coffees). Feel free to come in and order a coffee (adults only!) on your way to work or home or the shops. They are only $4 if you bring your own cup. Ask your student to share our twice daily mindfulness sessions with the family, we are all enjoying them very much! I am often asked by families what they can do to protect their kids from online predators and other potentially harmful situations such as cyberbullying, as well as monitoring what their kids are accessing and reading or watching. Attached are a couple of documents from the government’s iparent section of their cybersafety website. The first one is some statistics on what parents think kids get out of using the internet and also what they perceive their needs to be to keep kids safe while online. The second is seven ways parents and carers can manage their students’ devices. http://www.esafety.gov.au/ Please take the time to explore all of the free resources available to parents in the iparent section https://www.esafety.gov.au/iparent
Stay safe and have an amazing year!

Sports for Schools

We are collecting Coles vouchers for sports for schools. Please bring your vouchers in to the front office. The more vouchers we get the more sport equipment we can purchase!



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