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Welcome to the 2017 academic year

Welcome to 2017 @ YBC! I was delighted to meet many new families at our annual Advisory dinner on Tuesday night and look forward to working with you in the future. As a Big Picture school we believe that Advisory teachers getting to know families and working with you and your child will produce the best outcomes for your child.

There are twelve design elements that influence everything that Advisory teachers, leaders, students and families try to do in Big Picture schools:

        Academic rigour: Head, heart and hand
        Leaving to learn: Learning through internships
        Personalisation: One student at a time
        Authentic assessment
        Collaboration for learning
        Learning in Advisory
        Trust, respect and care
        Everyone’s a leader
        Families are enrolled too
        Creating futures
        Teachers and leaders are learners, too
        Diverse and enduring partnerships.

Throughout this year in e-TGIF we will elaborate on each of these elements to help explain why we do schooling a little differently. Distinguisher #9, families are enrolled, too, emphasises the importance we place on knowing our families and working with you in the best interests of your child. We will be in regular contact with you to share good news, discussconcerns and make sure your child is attending school every day. We also want to hear from you for the same reasons!

Distinguisher #1, “Academic rigour: Head, heart and hand” is in all the work your child does at school. We aim to make sure that work is at the right level for your child – not so easy that it’s boring and pointless, not so challenging that it’s out of reach, but just right – building on existing skills and knowledge, achievable and interesting. Regular communication between students, teachers and families will help us to know that we are getting this balance right, and make adjustments when we need to.

We are very pleased to welcome our new staff to Yule Brook College for 2017: Ms Anne Veenstra (Advisory 7.2, HASS and science), Ms Faye Brougham (maths) and in the Clontarf academy Mr Michael Goss and Mr Craig Walker.

Families will have received Contributions and Charges statements at the end of last year. We try very hard to keep these costs as low as possible, and they have remained at $290 for Year 7 to 9 and $300 for Year 10 for some time now. Many families are eligible for some financial assistance and we hope you will call into our office to either pay in full or work out a payment plan in the next few weeks. Helen and Julia are very knowledgeable about assistance available and can help you with application processes if needed. Your contribution makes a big difference to the resources we are able to provide for your child and I thank you in advance for what you are able to contribute.

Mrs Hilary Saunders



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