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Year 10 excursion: Bstreet & cyber security


The 20017 RAC bstreetsmart was an all-round eye opener. The sheer number of secondary students was amazing. There were thousands of students from hundreds of schools all at Perth Arena. I was very impressed with the maturity and behaviour of our Year 10’s. The day started with a realistic re-enactment of a car crash.

All walked away with an appreciation of the consequence of risking taking behind the wheel of a car.

We heard from people with a variety of permanent disabilities with the worse being a young man who is fully paralysed. I hope all students remember this when they start driving themselves. I would recommend this excursion to anyone who is either a passenger or a driver.

Cyber Security

This week two of our year ten students (Trent and Ginura) had a fantastic opportunity when they were able to go to Edith Cowan University to listen to a lecture from World Renown Cyber Security Expert Professor Craig Valli. In light of recent worldwide events that have seen hospitals and factories shut down due to victims of hacking, it came as a timely reminder.

The boys have also been offered a shadow at Edith Cowan University Cyber Security Laboratory. Trent and Ginura are very excited by the chance that they have been given. They must have impressed Professor Craig Valli because he has offered to come to Yule Brook College to give a lecture. This may get more of our students excited about a career in a growing and well payed industry.

Craig Weller



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