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Sculptures by the sea

Advisory 9.3 excursion by Kate. On the 13 March 2017 we went on an Advisory excursion. I enjoyed looking at the different types of sculptures and hanging out with my Advisory. We met at McDonalds and made our way to the train station. After a train ride we walked to the sculptures by the sea. I had fun taking pictures and learning about the art. 

My favourite sculptures were the ‘Consumerism’ and ‘Homeless. The first one was a massive soda can that had home furniture inside it, the first thing that I thought of when I saw that piece was the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” though I’m positive my prediction isn’t correct.

‘Homeless’ is a small designed tent made out of huge rugs to make it look very old and used, it gave me a homeless or ‘lost’ vibe. There was also a little girl made out of glass and some parts of her were tinted different shades of blue and if you look at it in the right angle, the dark tinted part can line up nicely with the ocean.

The thing I enjoyed the most about being outside with my Advisory is hanging out with them and laughing. Sharing food together was also fun. I really enjoyed that Advisory excursion because I got to know some of my peers better. I also went to ‘Inside’; a mini exhibit where mini versions of the sculptures and their meanings are.

I went there with Abigail and Karisma.

By Kate



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