Welcome to the Library

The library is a place for Yule Brook College students and staff to read, study, relax, play games and work on puzzles.
Library resources
The library has a range of different books available for students to use in the library or borrowing for recreational reading, as well as to assist students with their school work.   
Our collections include: 
  • Fiction books, 
  • Graphic novels, 
  • Quick reads,
  • Non-fiction,  
  • Biographies and autobiographies, and
  • Indigenous non-fiction collection. 
We have great comfy lounge chairs for reading as well as desks for studying and work. 
During breaks there are a great range of card and board games such as UNO, chess and connect four, as well as a wide range of puzzles that can be worked on together.   
Fantastic Reads
Are you not sure what it is you would like to read? Come in and talk to our friendly librarian to help you find a book that you will love. 
Displays in the library are curated to show a range of interesting fiction and non-fiction books and are updated regularly. 
You can also search our online library catalogue to see what is available to borrow in the library. Reading lists and topic searches will help you find interesting books to explore. Ask out librarian if you are not sure how to access reading lists or topic searches.    
Students in years 7 to 9 can borrow 4 books for 2 weeks. 
Students in year 10 to 12 can borrow 6 books for 2 weeks.
 The library is your space! If you have a suggestion to make the library even better, we would love to hear it. We strongly encourage recommendations about what books and games we should include in our collection.  
If you have a recommendation, speak to our librarian.
Streamed Video
Yule Brook College staff and students can access streamed video content for free through ClickView. To log into ClickView, use your password and username that you use to log on to the school computers. 
Research Help
Are you having trouble finding information for your assignments or referencing the information you have found? Come and speak to our friendly librarian to help you search for and find some great information for your study, as well as getting help in referencing.  
Opening Hours
The library is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday as well as both breaks Monday to Friday during school terms.  
Don’t forget to grab a movement pass from your teacher if you are coming during class time! 
Are you looking for something to read at home or during the school holidays? 
Ebooks and audiobooks can be accessed through the City of Gosnells libraries for free. To see what is available, visit the City of Gosnells online resources page. 
If you are not a member, you are able to join for free online. If you are under 18, you will need parent or guardian permission to sign up and become a member.  

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