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Big Picture

Fire Up Your Learning
Big Picture Education

A Big Picture student searches the world for good learning. You have the chance to follow your passions, find mentors in the world and create powerful learning.

You have the opportunity to work with your fellow students in a community and you will learn together and learn to work together.

This is a great opportunity. And, as with all great opportunities, you have to make big commitments and people will expect a lot of you.


Make a commitment to your education.
The Big Commitment

  • This has been a book of lists.
  • Think about each list.
  • Think about each item on each list.
  • You might need to re-read the list.
  • Talk about these commitments with your student friends, parents, mentors and teachers.
  • Parts of these lists will change depending on your interests, your school and your community.
  • Make them your own.
  • Use the lists to measure your progress.
  • See how much you have achieved.

Year 7 & 8The Beginning

Your big journey often begins in years 7 and 8. Now is the time to think about your real interests and how you are going to learn more about those interests.

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Year 9Learning Through Interest and Internship

By now you are learning how to learn in the world as well as at school. You are also meeting people who know a lot and are also learning all through their lives.

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Year 10The Gateway

Year 10 is your gateway to senior school. It’s your opportunity to make your learning deep and wide. It’s a big opportunity and requires a big commitment.

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The purpose of the Yorgas Girls Football program is to empower and enable our girls to improve their football skills and to make informed decisions about their personal health and wellbeing.

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The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

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ExpectationsOf Students

You want to learn. Your parents and advisors and mentors want to help. Here are the things we expect you to do to make your learning powerful.

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