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Yule Brook College is an Independent Public School located in the south east metropolitan region of Perth, Western Australia.

The college strives to meet the individual needs of our students and to provide support to develop the dimensions of the whole person within a transformative learning and teaching environment.

The ethos of our whole school program is ‘one student at a time in a community of learners’.

Sevenoaks Senior College is our senior campus, catering for Years 11 and 12.

We work in close partnership with families and the community to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in senior school and for lifelong learning.

Many of our students pursue university education or go on to succeed at technical and further education, apprenticeships and traineeships. All of our students are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

An Independent Public School

In 2012 Yule Brook College was recognised as an Independent Public School. In collaboration with their school community, Independent Public Schools set their own strategic directions, have authority for day-to-day decision making and are in an ideal position to make decisions that best cater for their students.

Parents and community members have an important and enhanced role in this initiative. As an Independent Public School, Yule Brook College is afforded a number of flexibilities. This means we can select staff, manage our financial affairs through a one line budget, select school development day dates, approve leave applications and determine the curriculum that best supports students’ needs.

We may also choose to manage school utilities (electricity, water, gas and waste management) and faults (breakdowns and repairs).

As an Independent Public School we remain part of the public school system. Like all public schools we are obliged to comply with relevant legislation, industrial agreements and whole of government policies and initiatives.

The college has entered into a delivery and performance agreement with the Director General which outlines the expectations and governance of Yule Brook College as an Independent Public School.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership, operation and management of the college. In addition, Yule Brook College has an effective College Board that includes community and business/industry representation.

To maximise the input of the College Board in developing school policies, the principal seeks advice and receives recommendations from the College Board.

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